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Date: Fri Jun 08 2001 - 15:10:19 EDT

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      Dr. Christopher Hillman, a well known Cornell Ph.D. in mathematics
    and General Relativity expert (sci.physics.relativity) has recently
    criticized Hammond's SPOG (scientific proof of God). Hammond's
    reply to his errant criticism appears below in the form of a FAQ:

             SPOG "Signature of the Metric" -- FAQ

      Chris Hillman and other Relativity and Mathematics wags
    have argued that the the 4x4 Psychometry Correlation matrix
    of [E,N,P,g] which Hammond claims is Factor Analytically
    isomorphic to the 4x4 Space-time metric g_(ab)=[X,Y,X,t]
    (vis a vis the Cartesian geometry of the human brain)
    cannot be so because a Correlation matrix is Euclidean,
    and the Space-time Metric is Lorentzian.
      Such a statement demonstrates ignorance of basic Physics
    and is INCORRECT mathematically and scientifically.
      In the first place, a Correlation matrix is not a
    "Metric", because there is no "distance" formally defined in
    Psychometric Space, as there is in Space-time (the proper
    distance, so called). As any physicist can see, the
    Correlation Matrix is therefore only a table of the "absolute
    values" of the elements of the underlying "Psychometry Metric".
    In other words, Psychometry has no way of measuring the
    "Signature" of the Psychometry Metric, it can only measure
    the numerical values of the elements.
      Now, in fact, it is recognized that the "distance" in
    Psychometric space is quite obviously a measure of "personality
    differenc" (metrical distance), but there is no way to determine
    (precisely) the signature of this Metric. In fact, there
    is AMPLE EVIDENCE that the signature is actually 2, the
    same as the Lorentz Metric, but this has not been confirmed
    as of yet. This evidence consists of the fact that there
    is a "powerful quadrature" (quadratic anisotropy) in Psychometric
    space which has been known for 2,500 years ever since Hippocrates
    the Father of Medicine announced that he thought that
    Psychology was a Quadrature and named the 4-Cardinal
    quadrants the "Four-Humors". In modern data, we know that
    a signature-2 metric produces a powerful "quadrature" in
    the proper-distance field about a point known as the
    "Leminiscate of Bernoulli" (the inverse of Minkowski's
    Rectangular-Hyperbola). This Quadrate-Lemniscate is
    believed to cause the Bicameral/Two-Party System for
    instance because of it's powerful quadrature influence
    on Personality (social) Conflict geometry.
      Basically, what all of this is saying is that Intelligence
    (IQ) SUBTRACTS from personality difference, in the same way
    as Time-difference SUBTRACTS from Space-difference in
    Relativity. There is every evidentiary indication that
    this fact will eventually be confirmed in Psychometric Space,
    the same as it has been confirmed in Real-space.
      MEANWHILE, it is ESSENTIAL to point out, that the SPOG
    (Scientific Proof of God) can be rigorously physically
    proven, without even MENTIONING the word "Gravity". Some
    people don't seem to understand this. This "Gravity"
    identification with "God" is only the creme de la creme,
    the "frosting on the cake" as it were of the SPOG. It
    is neither essential, nor crucial to scientifically
    establishing the direct cause, and proof, of God.
      Let me explain this point. The "direct physical cause"
    of God is shown by the SPOG to be the Secular Trend in
    brain growth. Brain growth is demonstrated by Psychometric
    measurement to be "physically capable" of explaining
    "supernormal changes in reality" (i.e. 'miracles') and
    the brain is shown to be, itself therefore, the "creator' of
    physical reality as we know it. The simplest most expedient
    heuristic device so far discovered to explain this is the
    "brain as a computer" model:

                      Computer brain model of
                          Hammond's SPOG

                   The Human Brain is like a computer,
                   running a program called Reality.
                   Any change in the program is called
                   a Law of Physics, but any change in
                   the Computer is called an Act of God.

    "Brain growth" is a "hardware upgrade" of the computer, and
    this causes a "supernatural" change in the Reality-program
    that has no visible cause within the program. Brain growth
    acts like a faster processor, more memory etc. And suddenly
    "science" (the program) cannot explain this "supernatural"
    change in reality. This is called "God".
      Ok, so Hammond's identification of the "Cartesian" (3-axis_
    structure of the brain, is sufficient to show that the 4-metrical
    variable of Physics cause the 4-metrical variable of Psychometry.
    you don't even have to know what the signature of the metric is,
    since it is mathematically known that a 4x4 Correlation matrix
    can only have ONE FACTOR. So we have proven that Psychology,
    AXIOMATICALLY, ends in ONE FACTOR. Given the known biological
    cause of this factor (brain growth), and it's "supernatural"
    effect on reality, we see that we ALREADY HAVE a sufficient
    scientific explanation of "God"..... without even MENTIONING
    the connection to "Gravity".
      Fact is however, the connection to "Gravity" is quite obvious.
    Since the higher order factor in Einsteinian Linearized GR
    is in fact Gravity, and (assuming) the signature is the same,
    is Factor analytically causally related to "God". (Gravity
    mediates brain growth... quantujm gravity in the brain...
    according to sir Roger Penrose, 1994)
      Fact of the matter is, that the indication that "Gravity"
    is the ULTIMATE cause of "God" is at least 70% certain,
    all things considered... and it certainly is one of the most
    stupendous discoveries in the history of science. But, we
    MUST point out, that it is not NECESSARY to prove the EXISTENCE
    of God.

    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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