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Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 20:08:46 EDT

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    Thanks Bjoern and Kamilla.

    --- Bjoern Moeller <>
    > wrote:

    >As for your problem with the public display of the
    >gifts, is that connected with any theological
    >difficulties regarding the gifts? If not, then I can't
    >see how you should have any problems with the gifts in
    >general. If you hold that the gifts, or at least most
    >of them, are theologically based, then public display
    >of the gifts follow from that, I assume.

    I really have no problem with theologies that contend that spiritual gifts are manifest in the present age.
    My concern is the ease with which some of these gifts can be counterfeited. In the large scale public display of gifts such as healing, prophesy, tongues etc.. I suspect that not all is authentic, and I'm afraid people may be drawn by a fascination with the supernatural. Kamilla mentioned the "Toronto Blessing". Of course it may not be fair to saddle Vineyard with that since they did dissociate themselves from that church.

    I certainly don't want to insult anyone who attends a Vineyard church. As I said I have never been to one but I plan to visit one soon. Also, In my opinion Vineyard puts out the best praise and worship music available which is a great ministry especially to young people. You don't hear Southern Baptists playing music like that! Too bad.



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