Re: Vineyard Churches

From: Kamilla ludwig (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 14:40:40 EDT

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    There have been some well publicized excesses arising out of Vineyard
    churches in recent years. The best known is the phenomena reported at the
    Toronto Airport Vineyard in which some "manifestastions" were reported to
    include barking like dogs and roaring like lions among some very strange
    gyrations/dancing. I understand that church has had its association with
    the Vineyard withdrawn. Bill McCartney, founder of PromiseKeepers attends a
    Vineyard church so I think we know they aren't all very good at teaching
    theology to their members. On the other hand, Wayne Grudem is a Vineyard
    member and he is a widely respected and conservative Evangelical theologian.

    In short, like so many other denominations, it seems to be a mixed bag and
    much depends on which Vineyard church you choose to attend.


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