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From: Bjoern Moeller (
Date: Thu Jun 07 2001 - 14:26:43 EDT

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    --- Brent Foster <> wrote:
    > Subject: Vineyard Churches
    > She is seriously considering joining a Vineyard
    > Church. She seems to be attracted by the energetic,
    > spirit-filled atmosphere of worship, and
    > particularly the music. She and I both are involved
    > with the music ministry at our church. I don't think
    > she knows much about Vineyard, and I didn't either
    > until I did a little research. One thing that seems
    > to stand out about Vineyard is their emphasis on the
    > public display of spiritual gifts, such as healing,
    > tongues etc... I'm very skeptical of the public
    > display of these kinds of gifts. Not necessarily
    > that the gifts exist. But I'm afraid that people
    > might be attending these types of services just to
    > see a magic show. Of course !
    > I've never been to a Vineyard service so who am I to
    > judge.
    > I've seen a variety of opinions expressed here on
    > miracles, Biblical and modern. I'd love to hear some
    > opinions from scientist-Christians on spiritual
    > gifts, and if anybody has any personal knowledge or
    > experience with Vineyard Churches.
    > Thanks
    > Brent
    First of all, I'm not a scientist, but a graduate
    student in philosophy, just to make that clear.

    I'm also attending a Vienyard church north of Chicago,
    the Vineyard Community Church in Mundelein. I've only
    been in this church since November last year, but from
    my experience so far in addition to my experience with
    a Vineyard type church in Norway I feel qualified to
    respond to your mail.

    The theology of the gifts notwithstanding (although I
    don't find that very troublesome - of course I don't),
    it is not my experience that people come to church to
    take on or look at a show. Not at all. There might be
    some very peripheral or few guests that have this
    motive, but those that regularly attend, those that
    are active in the church, do not, as far as I know,
    hold to these intentions. Hence, your worry is
    absolutely unnecessary.

    I must add that the Vineyard church in Mundelein is
    considered to be one of the less charismatic Vineyards
    around, so for example there is none or very little
    speaking in tongues. That doesn't mean that they don't
    allow it, but it is just not encouraged, at least not
    in services. In housegroups, on the other hand,
    speaking in tongues might occur.

    As for your problem with the public display of the
    gifts, is that connected with any theological
    difficulties regarding the gifts? If not, then I can't
    see how you should have any problems with the gifts in
    general. If you hold that the gifts, or at least most
    of them, are theologically based, then public display
    of the gifts follow from that, I assume.

    I would be glad to answer more questions.

    Bjorn Moller


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