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             What is the "SCIENTIFIC PROOF" of God? --

      A "scientific proof" is like a court judgment, it hinges
    on the assertion "BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT".
      For instance, here is no "absolute proof" that "space-time
    curvature causes Gravity" (Einstein 1915). However, there is
    a MASSIVE body of fact and logical theory bearing on the matter,
    and the judgment of the (overwhelming) majority of experts
    in the field is, that the evidence is such that it is
    "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Space-time Curvature causes
    Gravity. This then, is called a "Scientific proof that Space-time
    Curvature causes Gravity".... or simply a "SCIENTIFIC PROOF".
    Now, when Einstein published the theory of Relativity in 1915,
    he advanced it as a "SCIENTIFIC PROOF".
      OK, Hammond claims that he has found a SCIENTIFIC PROOF of
    the existence of God.... same thing, same exact situation as
    Einstein, or any other major SCIENTIFIC PROOF.
      Hammond's SPOG is a classic, by the book, ordinary, rigorous,
    hard scientific proof, meeting all the canons of science and all
    the requirements for a proof:

    The situation is this:

    1. There is a 4,000 year old "rumor", based on many
        eyewitness testimonies, that there is such a thing
        as a "God". The Bible for instance is one documented
        source for these reports.

    2. The historical sources (cf. Bible) describe this "God"
        as an invisible power, apparently in the form of an
        invisible perfect man, who can perform miraculous
        feats (generally of salvation) by somehow supernaturally
        "violating the Laws of Physics".

         (Note: w/o wrangling over what Christianity says.. I think
          you will have to grant that this is a fair synopsis of
          what "God" has been known as, for the past 2,000 years)

    3. OK, so a reasonable scientist would say... "well, we'll keep our
        eyes open in case any new scientific phenomena turn up which
        would seem to be connected with any such thing as this".

    4. Sure enough, in 1997 HAMMOND discovered an OBVIOUS physical
        mechanism, which explains this 4,000 year history, so COMPLETELY,
        and so OBVIOUSLY, that he has now advanced it as a
        "SCIENTIFIC PROOF" of the existence of this "God" that people
        have been reporting for 4,000 years.

    5. [NOTE: I am now going to bend over backwards as far as I
         can possibly bend to explain this SPOG in the simplest terms
         w/o using any technical jargon or omitting any logical steps.
         .... please dummy up and pay attention, this is your last chance]:

      A. First, it is discovered (basically by talking to a lot
          of crazy people), the "suspicion" that it is "poor growth"
          that cause people to believe in "a higher power". IOW, it
          is suspected that a large percent of the population is being
          affected by the fact that their BRAINS (just like the rest of
          their body BTW) is NOT FULLY GROWN.

                   a. This suspicion is further reified by the
                       fact that a well known similar effect is
                       observed in nutritionally growth stunted
                       people (by the millions) in 3rd World
                       country's where a severe IQ deficit is
                       caused by "brain growth stunting".

                   b. This is further reified by observations on
                       Mental Retardation, which is generally
                       attributed to "arrested growth" (of the
                       brain) on the normal growth curve.

                   c. It is particularly noted that the large
                       majority of "Mental Cases" are people of
                       poor growth and development. And all most
                       of them do all day is talk about "God".

                   d. Obviously such a thing as "incomplete brain
                       growth"is a natural candidate for explaining
                       "God". As one person put it, it can be seen
                       as a candidate in the following way; assume
                       the brain is a computer running a program
                       called "reality". Then:

                       The Human Brain is like a computer,
                       running a program called Reality.
                       Any change in the program is called
                       a Law of Reality (science), but any
                       change ('upgrade') in the Computer
                       is called an Act of God.

                       Here, "grain growth" is compared to
                       upgrading the computer with a faster
                       processor and more memory, and obviously
                       would have a "supernatural", "miraculous"
                       effect on the "reality" program.

      B. Secondly, it is KNOWN that there is such a thing as a
          SECULAR TREND in human growth. that is, that the entire
          Human Race is achieving higher and higher levels of
          GROWTH with each passing generation. it is also known
          that this is NOT a genetic effect, that it is caused
          entirely by the RISING WORLD STANDARD OF LIVING,
          particularly NUTRITION. This leads to a simple arithmetic

            Growth curve deficit: GCD=Genotype-Phenotype

    for a
    picture of this.

          According to the Secular Trend then, the SUSPICION would be
          that there is and always has been, a "brain growth deficit"
          in the human population, and that this "deficit" has been
          slowly decreasing for millenniums (probably rapidly since
          the Industrial Revolution BTW), and that this explains the
          4,000 year history of "God" and explains why we believe
          we are heading toward "Kingdom Come" or the Perfect
          World... since this would obviously be when the "Deficit"
          finally reaches zero.

             a. On the basis of this we suspect that "miracles"
                 would simply be when the brain in a given individual
                 suddenly obtains a small spurt of "growth" and
                 the entire persons "reality" changes because of it
                 because his brain changed. this is based on the
                 "Brain as a Computer" model, whereby the program
                 running on the computer is called "reality", and
                 sudden brain growth is like "upgrading" the computer
                 with a faster processor and more memory. As far
                 as the "program" is concerned (reality) this is a
                 supernatural and unexplained event, and is called
                 a "MIRACLE".

    OK... all of this is only SUSPICION... it looks reasonable to a
    SCIENTIST, but there is no PROOF that it is true.
      HOWEVER, in 1997 HAMMOND discovered an AMAZING PROOF that in fact
      The proof begins with Hammond's discovery of the STRUCTURAL MODEL
    in Psychology which he published in the peer reviewed literature in
    1994 (Called the Cartesian theory). an online copy of this published
    paper is stored at:

      In this paper hammond explains how all of the EXISTING results
    in PSYCHOMETRY can be explained by the "3-Axis orthogonal Geometry
    of the Human Body and Brain" (called the "Cartesian Geometry" of
    the Brain).
      IOW, it was already a know fact that there are 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,13
    eigenvector models that can be extracted from any correlation matrix
    in Psychology. And all the Psychologists were arguing over which
    model was right, and above all else, arguing about WHERE THEY CAME
    FROM physically.
      Hammond (1994) showed that the entire human body is 3-Axis Cartesian
    geometrically, including the BRAIN, in fact that the brain is CUBIC
    (another word for Cartesian), and therefore, since a common cube has
    13-Symmetry axes, that NATURALLY, there would be found 13 eigenvectors
    in Psychometry, and that MOREOVER, the 2,3,4,5,6,7,9,13 Factor models
      OK, this OVERWHELMINGLY explains the Structural Model, and it turns out
    that all of the numerical data from psychometry confirms Hammond's
    CARTESIAN THEORY as being the correct explanation of the long sought
    for Structural Model.
      Note, that Hammond's 1994 Structural Model is a 3-dimensional
    structure, a Cube. It exists in 3-dimensional Psychometric eigevector
    space. In fact in "Personality" space, it DOES NOT include Intelligence
    (IQ) which is the other major field of psychometry "Mental Ability"
    which is usually called "Intelligence".
      However, in 1997 Hammond found out that Cattell had discovered FOUR
    3rd order Factors (eigenvectors), whereas Hammond's theory held that there
    were only THREE dimensions. Hammond was standing there in his 3rd floor
    garret apartment pondering "what could possibly be orthogonal to
    3-dimensional space"... when suddenly his knees collapsed from under
    him and he went into a faint. Hammond suddenly realized on February 3rd
    1997, that IQ (Intelligence) had to be a "4th dimension" to the Structural
    Model, and that this was because "Intelligence" was already known to
    be "mental speed" and therefore it would correlate with the TIME dimension,
    whereas the other 3 Personality dimensions correlated with the 3
    SPACE dimensions (3-space axes of the brain).. HENCE, the theory of
    Psychometry was caused by the ENTIRE 4D SPACE-TIME METRIC. He
    suddenly realized he has united the first 35 years of psychometry on
    "Intelligence" with the past 65 years on "Personality", thus explaining
    the ENTIRE 100 YEAR HISTORY of Psychometry.
      BUT... this isn't why Hammond fainted..! At the moment that he realized
    that the Structural Model was 4-DIMENSIONAL (not 3-dimensional), and
    that it was caused by the entire 4D space-time metric.... he also
    IMMEDIATELY REALIZED that therefore, the oblique 4x4 Metric of E,N,P,g
    represented the CURVATURE OF PSYCHOMETRIC SPACE, and that therefore
    there was a SINGLE HIGHER ORDER FACTOR caused by this curvature, and
    which had to be caused by the "brain growth deficit" discussed above
    (since IQ loaded on it from Mental retardation I measurements) and
    THEREFORE, this factor had to be the GOD that was suspected all along
    from the brain growth studies above (Section A. above)... therefor


    Not only that, since the psychometry metric is CAUSED by the Space-time
    Metric... Gravity is seen to be the cause of God.

      Needless to say, Hammond immediately checked out all of the details
    from anatomy, Biology, Neurology, Psychometry, Factor Analysis,
    Relativity, Gravity, Theology, Psychology, History, Zoology,
    Embryology, Philosophy etc. etc. etc. To make a long story short,
    20 years of grueling 16 hour a day labor searching for the Structural
    Model finally found it... and in what must be characterized as one of
    the most amazing accidents of modern science.... yielded the

    George Hammond, M.S. Physics

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