RE: So. Baptist Spin on BOE Vote

From: Vandergraaf, Chuck (
Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 20:47:58 EDT

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    You made some good points in describing the events surrounding your attempts
    to present a "balanced" picture. However, I am dismayed to read the
    following excerpt in your e-mail:

    "Sorry, I didn't really intend to get off on this, but in a nutshell: I
    was the editor for the Alabama Geological Society Newsletter for about 6
    months in ~1995. I wanted to foster open debate/discussion about my
    favorite topic (origin of coal), so I invited Steve Austin (PhD in
    Geology from Penn State) to write an article presenting his view that
    coal consists of transported organics. I also innocently invited Bob
    Gastaldo (geology professor at Auburn University at the time) to submit a
    parallel article presenting evidence supporting his view that coal
    consists of in situ organics."

    You give Steve Austin's credentials as "PhD in Geology from Penn State"
    while you list Bob Gastaldo's affiliation at the time (Auburn U.) Why not
    be consistent and either give the affiliation of both, or give their
    credentials? This is just one example of what I find objectionable in much
    of the writing of advocacy groups. IMHO, this sort of thing distracts from
    the message.

    Chuck Vandergraaf

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