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Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 08:03:23 EDT

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    I am sorry, but I do not have the information you want about these
    gentlemen available to me. These persons both worked for Mobil in Dallas
    before coming to Norway.

    One of the persons had a general attitude which is very harsh/angry and
    dogmatic. Kohlberg's Stages of Moral Judgement give me the suggestion that
    such persons (and the Pharisees in the Bible) are stuck at the Stage 4.
    Laws have to upheld. It is awful if they or others do not follow these
    laws. It is the emotional component and not just the logic that causes us
    to be so hung up in what we think is right.

    Am I off target according to your experience? Would you mind summarising
    your findings?


    My reference to Kohlberg's stages is Understanding Children's Development
    3rd Ed (1999) by Peter K. Smith, Cowie and Blades. p. 220
    Stage 1: Heteronomous morality - avoid breaking rules because you get
    punished for that.
    Stage 2: Individualism - follow rules to meet one's own interests/someone
    else's interest
    Stage 3: Mutual interpersonal expectations - conformity to convention of
    Stage 4: Social system and conscience - laws are to be upheld!
    Postconventional or principled
    Stage 5: Social contract or utility and individual rights - rules upheld
    because they are a social contract and best for self and others
    Stage 6: Universal ethical principles - follow self chosen ethical

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    Hello Samual, Jonathan and others,

    I opened this message because it was from Johnathan and I always open his
    messages, regardless of the topic, because I enjoy his opinions and
    questions; but this time iot was the information from Samuel that got my
    interest. In my 20+ years of being in and around the oil buisness and
    geologic education, and with one exception, the only young earth geologists
    I know or know of are those affiliated with the various young earth
    institutes such as ICR or who teach at a college affiliated with a
    denomination. The one exception was a geologist I briefly corresponded with
    a couple of years ago who worked for Mobile in Dallas. Therefore I am very
    curious about where these two people went to school, what their degrees
    in, what level of education the attained, what their areas of
    are and whether they were young earth creationists before they went to
    school, became converted to this view in school, or after they graduated
    started working. Perhaps someone could provide this information.

    There are a couple of reasons I want the information I requested in the
    previous paragraph. The first is that I try to keep a list of active young
    earth creationists and YEC organizations so I can provide this information
    to my students in my historical geology classes and the second is that I am
    interested in the data and the logic upon which such beliefs rest.


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    > Hi Samuel
    > How many were not YEC?
    > Jon
    > wrote:
    > > Comment from me:
    > > Stavanger is the oil capital of Norway and through the 13 years I have
    > > been here, I have been in contact with a good number of
    > > geologists/geophysicists working for Oil Companies. Of those who have
    > > attended the same church as me (Baptist affiliated with So. Baptist),
    > > two were outspoken YEC proponents. These gentlemen nevertheless
    > > out their projects for their companies and moved up the ladder
    > > similar promotions as I observed for OEC/Theistic evolution proponents.
    > >
    > > Sam
    > >

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