Re: So. Baptist Spin on BOE Vote

Date: Tue Jun 05 2001 - 04:17:31 EDT

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    About 15 were not YEC.


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    Hi Samuel

    How many were not YEC?

    Jon wrote:

    > Comment from me:
    > Stavanger is the oil capital of Norway and through the 13 years I have
    > been here, I have been in contact with a good number of
    > geologists/geophysicists working for Oil Companies. Of those who have
    > attended the same church as me (Baptist affiliated with So. Baptist),
    > two were outspoken YEC proponents. These gentlemen nevertheless carried
    > out their projects for their companies and moved up the ladder obtaining
    > similar promotions as I observed for OEC/Theistic evolution proponents.
    > Sam

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