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Date: Mon Jun 04 2001 - 10:51:11 EDT

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    Bill Payne wrote:

    >IOW, if the student happens to believe something other than what you
    >evolutionists believe about origins, the student should be prepared to
    >resist the schools' effort to indoctrinate.

    Would that also apply to math? Should students resist their teachers
    who try to teach them geography, social studies, and civics? Perhaps you
    meant to say that students should study all courses in accordance with
    what is taught in the classroom, but may if they choose harbor differing

    >The evidence for coal being transported rather than in situ is glaringly
    >obvious to those of us who are not committed to OEC.

    And to no one else. What should be "glaringly obvious" is that the amount
    of fossil fuels found all over the earth could not be accounted for in the
    short time frame you allow. How do you overlook that?

    >And furthermore, they may be false. If you cannot determine the age of
    >wine created by Jesus, then why do you think you can determine the age of
    >the universe, also created by Jesus?

    The age of the wine was the same age as the water. When He healed the
    sick, blind, and lame they were certainly not unduly aged in the process.

    >I would certainly say that the "methodology" of science is flawed. Using
    >the "scientific" methodology your describe to investigate the
    >resurrection, we would have to conclude that the disciples stole the body
    >while the Roman guard was asleep; or that Jesus woke up, rolled the stone
    >back, sneaked past the sleeping guards, and ran away.

    Science and history are two separate disciplines. History tells us what
    happened, we use scientific methods to try and determine why. What is
    "flawed" is your understanding of how science works demonstrated here.

    Genuine miracles are out of bounds for scientific explanation. But we
    are on much safer ground when we confine miraculous explanations to those
    the Bible specifically talks about rather than invoking miracles all over
    the place
    in lieu of adequate scientific explanations.

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