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Date: Mon May 28 2001 - 07:30:13 EDT

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    RobtCohen wrote:
    > Perhaps nearly every breakthrough and new paradigm has been derided as kooky,
    > including Pasteur's and Semmelweiss' (sterile surgery).

    Yes, and the SPOG (Scientific Proof Of God) is going to
    take a real pounding before the world realizes it's arrived.

    > A legalistic case based upon new evidence would start as a challenge first
    > brought to a lower court--often a county's "state" or "superior" court after
    > rejection/acceptance by a school board.

    Yes, that's on the verge of happening right now in Kansas
    where the Creationists actually had enough muscle to twist
    the arm of the Kansas City Board of Education to get
    Evolution partially banned in the schools (God bless em).
    Now the scientifically backed Evolution proponents are going to
    sue the Kansas City B.O.E. claiming that teaching Creationism
    is illegal. Or, alternatively, the Creationists could flat
    out sue in the Kansas State court that Creationism is a scientific
    subject, based on the discovery of a SPOG. That's where HAMMOND
    comes in. If there IS a "scientific proof of God", then the
    Creationists have just as much of a scientific leg to stand on
    as the Evolutionists, and the courts can't ban teaching Creationism
    because a SPOG makes it a "legitimate scientific subject" just like
      It's going to happen Bob, I can assure you. The wind's blowing that
    way. The Creationists and Fundamentalists are going to come out of this
    smelling like a Rose, and the scientific community is going to
    look awfully stupid. And I'm a graduate physicist saying that.
    I tried to warn them.

    > By the time it would get to the U.S. Supreme Court on appeal by plantiff or
    > defendant, the proof or evidence would have undergonem public discussion,
    > examination and evaluation. At some point there would be a consensus
    > established.

    Yes, that's the plan. The SPOG is cut and dried. All the evidence
    is sitting on the library shelfs. A Blue Ribbon scientific committee
    could evaluate the thing in two weeks. And they'll make sure the
    committee is impartial too, or there'll be a Congressional
    Investigation about it. Half a dozen Nobel Laureates will be on
    that Blue Ribbon committee.

    > I suppose the U.S. Supreme Court Justices (and their law clarks) might now be
    > sent the new evidence in a version that the non-physicist mind would be able
    > to comprehend. A videotape or disc with music & graphics couldn't hurt.

    There'll probably be a half a dozen t.v. scientific documentaries
    and a Hollywood film out about it by then. Every scientific institution
    in the world will have taken a position by then. a scientific proof
    of God, are you kidding, who wouldn't have an opinion?

    > I suppose a convinced Justice could indeed issue some kind of an immediate
    > legal injunction..

    There's no doubt that once the scientific community recognizes the
    SPOG, then there's nothing the Supreme Court can do but rule that
    "God is a legitimate scientific subject", and a scientific theory of
    God must be taught in the public schools, Creation and all. Of course so
    must Evolution, since the discovery shows that BOTH theories are
    absolutely scientifically true... and not in contradiction with
    each other.

    > The American people (ninety percent are said to be theists-deists), The
    > President, Attorney-General and Solicitor
    > would surely welcome cogent proof.

    Boy you can say that again. If I was the President I'd be sweating
    bullets waiting for the proof to be confirmed. How'd you like
    to sleep at night with a nuclear button sitting right outside your
    bedroom door- with only a prayer to God that it's not going to
    go off?

    Creation-Evolution Supreme Court Challenge

               PRESS RELEASE (5-25-2001)

    My latest position is that the discovery of a
    scientific proof of God (below) is going to be used by
    the religious Fundamentalists to deliver the
    biggest and most embarrassing kick in the pants that
    Science has ever received, and that it's going
    to happen when the Fundamalists, or Creationists
    use the scientific proof of God as a legal defense
    in a Supreme Court showdown over the exclusive
    teaching of Evolution. The supreme Court will rule
    that Creationism (and God) can be taught as a
    "scientific subject", along with Evolution.

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