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    Don't under-estimate yourself. I think you have had more success than you
    think. Though I have to say that the USA is much stonier ground than here.

    The logic of ID is to either to go YEC or to accept evolution. One sees this
    dilemma in Darwin's Black Box.

    There is far too much rhetoric on both sides and some secular critics like
    Pennock and Eldredge (less so) fail to understand what ID is and try to make
    them out to be virtually YEC thus polarising matters.


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    > > Larry Johnston:
    > > I would interpret PJ's remark to say that the Evolutionary (Capital E)
    > > _worldview_ and the Biblical worldview are in conflict.
    > By Phillip Johnson's definition, an Evolutionary worldview entails
    > specifically anti-theistic tenets. Thus to say that an E-worldview is in
    > conflict with a biblical worldview is to say the trivially obvious. No
    > to spearhead an ID movement for that.
    > > In other words, looking at other writings of PJ, the extrapolation of
    > > microevolution into macroevolution and beyond to origin of life, into a
    > > _materialistic worldview_ is in conflict with the Biblical worldview.
    > But the point that Johnson fails to understand is that the extrapolation
    > microevolution into macroevolution and on to the possibility that the
    > Creation is gifted by its Creator with all of the requisite formational
    > capabilities to actualize its God-given potentiality for living systems
    > NOT necessarily entail any capitulation to a materialistic worldview.
    > > Thanks Keith and the others. I have enjoyed watching this concerted
    > > effort by some good Christians on the ASA List, to do away with the need
    > > take PJ and the ID movement seriously.
    > I do take the ID movement seriously, as a theologically and scientifically
    > flawed movement that will ultimately bring embarrassment to the Christian
    > faith.
    > > Or, is it an attempt to help good
    > > Christian PJ by showing him how he can be more precise, and more
    > I have been trying to do that for a decade, without success.
    > Howard Van Till

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