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Date: Mon Apr 30 2001 - 11:11:09 EDT

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    > Bert wrote:
    > >Can you point out to me specifically where he says that evolution must be
    > >"disproved."
    > See below --
    > >> > Because, now, on the other hand,
    > >> >if it turns out that the evolutionary theory is what's mistaken, and natural
    > >> >selection has no creative power, and you have this whole scientific culture
    > >> >that has been believing something dead against the evidence because that's
    > >> >something they want to believe, then even without knowing any more
    > >>about it, I
    > >> >would say that the theistic and Biblical worldview has been tremendously
    > >> >validated.

     Keith says:
    > This seems to say that the falsification of "evolutionary theory" would be
    > a vindication of the "Biblical worldview." On face value this statement
    > suggests that evolution and a "biblical worldview" are in neccessary
    > conflict with each other. This position is consistent with Phil's efforts
    > to discredit not just philosophical materialism, but evolutionary science.

    Larry Johnston:
    I would interpret PJ's remark to say that the Evolutionary (Capital E)
    _worldview_ and the Biblical worldview are in conflict.

    In other words, looking at other writings of PJ, the extrapolation of
    microevolution into macroevolution and beyond to origin of life, into a
    _materialistic worldview_ is in conflict with the Biblical worldview.

    Thanks Keith and the others. I have enjoyed watching this concerted research
    effort by some good Christians on the ASA List, to do away with the need to
    take PJ and the ID movement seriously. Or, is it an attempt to help good
    Christian PJ by showing him how he can be more precise, and more effective?

      God's Peace,

    Larry Johnston

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