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From: Keith B Miller (
Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 23:51:08 EDT

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    Bert wrote:

    >Can you point out to me specifically where he says that evolution must be

    See below --

    >> > Because, now, on the other hand,
    >> >if it turns out that the evolutionary theory is what's mistaken, and natural
    >> >selection has no creative power, and you have this whole scientific culture
    >> >that has been believing something dead against the evidence because that's
    >> >something they want to believe, then even without knowing any more
    >>about it, I
    >> >would say that the theistic and Biblical worldview has been tremendously
    >> >validated.

    This seems to say that the falsification of "evolutionary theory" would be
    a vindication of the "Biblical worldview." On face value this statement
    suggests that evolution and a "biblical worldview" are in neccessary
    conflict with each other. This position is consistent with Phil's efforts
    to discredit not just philosophical materialism, but evolutionary science.


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