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Date: Sun Apr 29 2001 - 17:21:09 EDT

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    Frankly Haran Yahya's site has the worst of YEC with all the usual distortions etc etc .
    From my British ignorance I thought DI was largely Christian especially on the ID front, despite Wells and Berlinksi.

    If Di are helping Turkish muslim creationists are they also helping Muslims in Kosovo and the Sudan in their attacks on Christians?

    Allan this is good grenade to lob on a sunday night!

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      Have others on this list been getting mass appeals from somebody representing
      Turkish Islamic creationists, wanting help in spreading the work of a guy
      named Harun Yahya who is apparently the leading Islamic "creationist." I've
      gotten two so far.

      I remember a reference in an earlier discussion to the Discovery Institute
      providing help to Turkish creationists; does anybody know if this Islamic
      movement is what the DI is helping? If so, it would give more credence to
      the charge that for the Discovery Institute being antievolutionary is more
      important than being Christian.

      Did the Campus Crusade Leadership University website ever change the error
      somebody pointed out where they labeled the DI as a Christian organization?
      I wonder how many others have the same misperception, and whether the DI
      encourages it when interacting with Christians.

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