Re: Distal vs. proximate: Timing of design events and Pax-6

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 09:19:36 EDT

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    In response to Tim, Bob says,

    > Can anyone seriously doubt that the eye in its many manifestations was
    > designed?

    Bob, I know that I am intruding into your exchange with Tim, but I cannot be
    silent on the familiar theme of definitions. What do you mean when you say
    "X was designed"?

    You are clearly using "was designed" as a verb here. To what kind of action
    does it refer?

    1. Is it (consistent with modern usage) an act of mind (or Mind) --
    conceptualizing/planning something for the accomplishment of a purpose?

    2. Is it an act of "Hands" -- a form-conferring intervention by some
    non-natural Agent?

    Until this choice (or some other) is made explicit, discussions about
    "design" will continue to be a waste of time. By consciously choosing to
    blur the distinction between mind action (design/plan) and hand action
    (fabricate/assemble) the leaders of the ID movement have done a major
    disservice to all persons who wish to carry on meaningful discussion about
    the role of divine creative action in the formational history of the

    Howard Van Till

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