Re: Undergraduate Writing Up Research

From: Jonathan Clarke (
Date: Fri Apr 27 2001 - 01:21:07 EDT

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    How about a latin dedication "Deo sola gloria". Many of the composers used to write
    it as a dedication to their compositions, Bach included. I think this translates
    as "to the sole glory of God". Apologies to any latin scholars!


    Andrew Fabich wrote:

    > Hello everyone,
    > I truly dislike the circumstances I am in at the current time, but here
    > goes anyways.... I am an undergraduate student performing research in a
    > molecular genetics lab. I am presenting my research tomorrow in a public
    > forum and I would like to acknowledge God in the acknowledgements section.
    > However, my PI and the postdoc I am working with are both staunch atheists
    > and I am concerned about losing this opportunity to be a light to them. I
    > am open to suggestions regarding whether or not to write down anything in
    > the acknowledgements section of my research as well as how to say it also.
    > In anticipation of responses, thank you all.
    > In Christ,
    > Andrew Fabich
    > P.S. I am presenting my research Friday afternoon, the 27th of April.

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