On Wells and Pandas

From: Cmekve@aol.com
Date: Wed Apr 25 2001 - 20:10:58 EDT

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    Jerry Coyne (U. Chicago) recently reviewed Wells book "Icons of Evolution" in
    Nature (2001, v. 410, p. 745-746). He starts by quoting from a Moonie
    website ( http://www.tparents.org/Library/Unification/Talks/Wells/0-Toc.htm )
    which has a biographical 'sermon' by Rev. Wells. Among other things, Coyne
    suggests that Icons is "blasphemous...It also turns the Great Designer into a
    Great Deceiver, who, in the manner of Satan, put fossils in the rocks -- and
    tails on embryos -- to mislead biologists of the future". Curiouser and

    Also, the recent mention of the book Of Pandas and People reminded me that
    ASA member Richard Aulie has a three part critique of the book on the website
    of the National Association of Biology Teachers (
    http://www.nabt.org/resources_panda1.html ). [Note that there are 3 parts;
    follow the links from the "panda1" site]. Aulie has a very brief summary of
    this paper in the latest PSCF.

    Karl V. Evans

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