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Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 21:02:25 EDT

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    << Jonathan Clark remarked: "One last question. If we must "think lawyer"
     when responding to PJ, how do we avoid sinking to
     the level of lawyers?"
     As one who has a lawyer in the family (my daughter), I'm hoping this was
     a quip.

    As one who has friends and a distant relative or two who are lawyers, but
    more importantly as one who has tried to think about this issue a little, I
    think Jon just forgot to say "trial" and perhaps "most" and maybe "defense"
    ,that is, "the level of most trial (defense) lawyers." Undoubtedly there is
    moral corruption in other areas of law (as well as in other professional
    areas), but it seems to me that it is in trials that both truth and justice
    are most desperately and deeply subordinated to winning a case and making a
    profit. In any event there is an enormous and I thnk disproportionate amount
    of moral corruption in the legal system; and Christians and Christian lawyers
    in particular should be openly calling this sin "SIN" and "EVIL", questioning
    it in legal journals, and confronting the truly guilty with their sin and
    with the gospel. This is what Philip Johnson for one should be doing; but, I
    wonder if any professing Christian lawyer is doing this?


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