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From: Jonathan Clarke (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 19:01:02 EDT

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    I don't know enough about this case to answer, but I would ask the
    following questions.

    Werethe sheep were actually too radioactive to eat? Was the decsion to
    ban their consumption simply a precaution (detectable radioactivity but
    at levels just below safe limits)? Or was it made as a knee jerk policy
    reaction to in informed public concerns?

    Surely you mean a case of food in mouth? :-)


    "M.B.Roberts" wrote:

    > Then answer this one!!! Trawsfynydd Nuclear Power Station was closed
    > down several years because of technical problems. The sheep nearby are
    > /were too radioactive for human consumption but that was caused by the
    > Chernobyl leak. Is it a case of foot in mouth Michael

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