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Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 18:53:42 EDT

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    I know and you know I know different, but for the benefit of others...
    The information is via the uranium information centre (run by a
    Christian who is a friend and collegaue). However they have not
    modified the original report. It is an information centre, not a PR
    centre. The information is from the UN departments UNSCEAR and WHO.

    With respect to DU, the UIC also has links to the WHO's fact sheet on
    the material ( and a
    statement by the Australasian radiation protection Society


    "Vandergraaf, Chuck" wrote:

    > Jon, Thanks for these URLs. I didn't have time last weekend to dig
    > around for this information and I'm glad you had the URLs at your
    > finger tips. Of course, the information is supplied by the Uranium
    > Institute and this will probably be considered "propaganda" by
    > anti-nuclear activists. Incidentally, the same "folk explanations"
    > were used following the Three Mile Island accident in Pennsylvania.
    > Any animal miscarriage, any animal deformity, and any failed crop was
    > attributed to that accident, even though it was shown that it was
    > inconceivable that there could be any link. A more recent "folk
    > explanation" is the effect of DU on Gulf War and Bosnia veterans.
    > Yet, the media are all too happy to propagate this sort of nonsense
    > and misinformation. I suppose that, if you tell a lie often enough,
    > it is considered to be a fact. Chuck Vandergraaf

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