Re: Phillip Johnson at Northshore Church

From: Jonathan Clarke (
Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 18:20:25 EDT

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    My apologies for inadvertently insulting your daughter.

    However my limited professional experience of lawyers indicates that
    professional ethics means something very different to them than it means to
    scientists, engineers, theologians, and probably most ordinary people as
    well. It is not my place to cast serious dispersions out someone else's
    professional ethics in a profession I don't understand. but I can wonder.
    More specifically I have grave grounds for concern when PJ attempts to decide
    issues of science (and theology) by means of lawyer style arguments in the
    public arena with specific social goals in mind.

    Joke mode ON. There is a lower form of life than lawyers. They are called
    Human Resource Officers. Even corporate lawyers make jokes about them. Joke
    mode OFF. Apologies to any HR people here, and to those married to, parents.
    parents in law siblings, or children of, HR people.


    John W Burgeson wrote:

    > Jonathan Clark remarked: "One last question. If we must "think lawyer"
    > when responding to PJ, how do we avoid sinking to
    > the level of lawyers?"
    > As one who has a lawyer in the family (my daughter), I'm hoping this was
    > a quip.
    > The fact that there are "good" and "bad"lawyers is a fact.
    > The fact that lawyers are an easy target for jokes is also a fact.
    > The implication that being a lawyer (or a biologist, or an accountant,
    > ... .) makes one part of a lower life form is noy agreed to. At least not
    > by me.
    > Burgy (John Burgeson)

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