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Date: Mon Apr 23 2001 - 12:44:44 EDT

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    > What I do want to stress is that we are dealing with a very
    > complex issue that hits us to the very core of our life style.
    > Chuck Vandergraaf

    I think Chuck is correct that it is a complex issue that hits at the
    core of our lifestyle. My comments are not directed at him because
    I truly agree with him.

    Nevertheless, his statement is ironically similar to statement that I
    remember George Bush, the older making near the onset of the Persian
    Gulf War. I recall him saying something close to, "What is at stake
    hear is our lifestyle" just before climbing into a large pleasure boat
    to travel around the harbor at Kennebunkport, Maine.

    I found the need to be willing to kill people to support his ability
    to travel on a pleasure boat which got something like 2 miles per
    gallon to be misguided.

    Admitedly, not all consumption is that frivolous, but a large fraction
    is frivolous and that would seem to be a very large part of the

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