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Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 17:41:32 EDT

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    Apart from Foot and Mouth the main environmental topic in our media is America and George Bush's refusal to honour (or honor if you cant spell) the Kyoto agreement.

    Without claiming moral perfection over here, is not part of our christian obligation to God and his creation to be better stewards of what he lent us?

    Where better to start than to use less energy?

    Take cars ; our hire car in the USA last summer only did about 20 - 24 mpg - we had asked for a Camry but got some Oldsmoblie 4WD . When that broke down we got a Camry which gave nearly 30 .

    In the UK I drive a Ford Contour/Mondeo which gives 35 mpg with similar driving. It has only marginally less passenger space than our hire cars and I have driven it similar distances across Europe.

    This alone makes a considerable reduction in gas usage.

    (On performance my 1.8 litre Contour with manual gearbox is better than either of the American cars)

    Am I being too green?

    Michael Roberts

    P.S. Will American oil prospectors working in Scotland get back at me!!

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