Re: Re species sensecence

From: Stein A. StrÝmme (
Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 07:58:18 EDT

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    | (Incidentally can someone tell my why my postings are so often
    | transmitted in duplicate, and why responses to them are also in
    | duplicate?)

    I can probably explain at least why you get responses in duplicate.
    Here are two of the headers in your message:


    Many people (including me, just now) will reply by hitting a button
    that will send the message to you, and carbon copy it to and You get two copies, one from
    me and one from the asa list. (So does hcook, by the way!).

    I have not noticed that your postings are transmitted in duplicate.
    Perhaps you blind copy them to yourself in addition to the asa list?
    (I do that with all my outgoing mail.)


    Stein Arild StrÝmme  <>

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