Re: Don't forget about me! (distal vs. proximate)

Date: Fri Apr 20 2001 - 07:14:15 EDT

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    << On a different approach, what is it about ID theory that leads
    some to believe that irruptive interventions are not likely to
    be observed today? I can see no reason to suppose that an active
    designer would stop at just the time when our abilities to record
    and document intervention are the greatest they've ever been. >>

    Tim. I am sorry your post got away from me, so I am late in responding,
    although I am not sure you meant to have me do so.

    My thinking on this matter is that historically, design came first followed
    by other naturalistic processes that elaborate and build on the design. It's
    a simple and probably over-simple idea. It comes to me, in part, from
    reading in Genesis that "God said..." (design) and the skies, seas, and earth
    "brought forth..." (natural processes, e.g., phyletic and individual
    development, evolution).

    In short, there was a time for design, and a time for naturalistic events to
    occur. The time for design is past, the time for development and evolution
    followed, and is upon us now. According to this view, one would no longer
    expect design to occur, at least not on any grand scale.

    Hope this helps,


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