Dembski and Scott on NPR

From: Keith Duncan (
Date: Thu Apr 19 2001 - 09:29:45 EDT

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    The following topic was discussed on the Diane Rehm's
    show out of Washington's WAMU NPR station this week
    (4/18...sorry for the late notice. I missed it too).
    The good news is that we can listen to an archived
    RealAudio version of the show. Archives are delayed
    so check the following URL next week sometime.

    "Evolution vs. Intelligent Design
    The theory of evolution has been
    challenged by people who believe for
    religious reasons that the creatures of the
    earth were made, not evolved. Today
    another group is challenging evolutionary
    science. They say evolution isn't a
    scientifically sound theory, and propose
    an intelligent design "force" has been at
    work. Two experts discuss these theories
    and their implications.

    "William Dembski, associate research
    professor at Baylor University, and
    author of The Design Inference
    (Cambridge University Press)

    "Eugenie Scott, executive director of the
    National Center for Science Education"

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