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Date: Tue Apr 17 2001 - 12:07:42 EDT

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    Hi, Louise.

    Here's another good one:

       Internet References, by Carl Drews

    It covers dozens of topics, which include:

       Joshua's Long Day
       James Bartley swallowed by a whale and lives
       Whale fossilized in vertical position across layers
       Refutation of the Lady Hope recantation story
       Transitional Fossils
       Western Grand Canyon Lava Flows
       Second Law of Thermodynamics
       Number of Chromosomes and Complexity
       Human Footprints alongside Dinosaur Tracks
       The London Hammer
       Quotations and Misquotations
       Tasaday Hoax
       Fossilized Tree Stumps Across Layers

    Todd S. Greene

    ###### Louise M. Freeman, 4/3/01 ######
    I've often thought it would be great if ASA (or a similar group of believing
    scientists) would put together a "Science & Religion" urban legend web site
    de-bunking some of the commonly circulating stories. Lots of good information
    (Davis's Fundamentalist Fish Stories comes to mind) is available on the ASA
    site but it's hard to find and not necessarily accessible to a lay audience.
    Topics I'd like to see addressed include:

    Astronomers finding a "day missing in time"
    Various claims to have found the remains of Noah's Ark
    The Shroud of Turin
    Siberian miners locating Hell

    I'm sure many people here can cite others... such as the recent claim that
    NASA was going to stop posting Hubble pictures online.

    Does anyone know if any such site already exists?

    Louise Freeman
    Mary Baldwin College

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