Re: The Future of Evolution

From: James W Stark (
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 16:21:28 EDT

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    on 4/16/01 12:41 PM, Adrian Teo at wrote:

    Hello Jim,
    Even If the future of evolution includes intentional change, Won't you will
    still have the problem of death, competition, predation etc?

    I am exploring this scenario in order to make sense of how evolution fits
    into God's plan. And I agree that we need to interpret Scripture carefully,
    but what does "careful" mean?


    Death, competition, etc are natural parts of evolution. To resolve the
    evolution debate we need to focus on the meaning of design as a human
    ability and as part of God's plan. How might human designing compare to
    God's designing? We both start with our intentions. Thus, the need for
    intentional change. See my suggestion for a new thread on design from a
    more general perspective, dated 4/13/01.

    Jim Stark

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