Quantum Mechanics

From: John W Burgeson (burgytwo@juno.com)
Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 15:50:29 EDT

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    I've been asked to explain QM in 15 minutes to a seminary class Thursday
    beginning with Aspect's experiment in the early 80s as reported in NATURE
    on page 671 of an unidentified issue in about 1985 or so (the prof had a
    copy which interests him).

    Not having much sense (or choice either, as it turns out) I foolishly
    said I would attempt this. The class is at the Ph.D. level and the 20 or
    so students are very sharp people.

    I shoved some thoughts and reference material onto my web site; if anyone
    has time to look at them and comment, I'd appreciate it. Go to my home
    page (below) and click on "Quantum Mechanics Materials" about a dozen
    lines down.


    Burgy (John Burgeson) (Don't tell me it can't be done in 15 minutes; I
    already know that).


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