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Date: Mon Apr 16 2001 - 12:02:06 EDT

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    My one year project is nearly completed. I have 24,000 pharmaceutical/medical
    acronyms and abbreviations online so far. I know there are many more.
    I would be grateful if you could tell me of any abbreviations or acronyms
    that might be missing from my list: They must be in the fields of:

    pharmacy, agrochemicals, biology, veterinary medicine, pharma production,
    chemicals, public health, toxicology, biology, medical devices/diagnostics,
    biochemistry, general medicine, biotechnology, lab equipment, public health,
    dentistry, geriatrics, pediatrics, nursing, physiotherapy (physical therapy),
    psychology .


    The whole list is free and we make no profit.

    Our whole team (we are all health professionals), over the last year have
    learnt html, java, php, mysql, perl. Many, within the last year have turned
    from simple pharmacists to quite proficient web authors. We have all done it
    for free, aiming to learn a new skill.

    We aim to keep this resource free on the web and will continue employing
    html-phobic scientists (pharmacists, chemists, biochemists and even busy
    doctors) who offer their time voluntarily in order to learn and help keep the
    list complete and up to date.

    Christian Nordqvist
    Pharma-lexicon International
    83 Filsham Road, St. Leonards-on-Sea
    East Sussex TN380PE
    Tel: 01424 434208
    Email: pharmadictionary@aol.com

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