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Date: Sun Apr 15 2001 - 23:33:37 EDT

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    > You or someone else would do me and perhaps others a favor if you would post
    > a list or collection of TE writings that address the problem you mentioned
    > in
    > your first post, a philosophical/theological critique of the atheistic
    > biological community.

    Others have pointed out many examples; I would particularly endorse Howard
    VanTill et al.'s "Science Held Hostage" which criticises both YEC
    misrepresentations of science and the nonscientific metaphysical
    extrapolations of people like Carl Sagan. It is a wonderful book showing the
    folly of both extremes; it is a shame that IV Press has let it go out of
    print (especially given some of the God-of-the-Gaps work they have been
    publishing recently). I could also add that essays I have written have such
    material, such as:
    and a new one:

    It is true that many such writings have *more* critique of positions held by
    Christians (YEC, ID, etc.) than they do of positions held by atheists. But
    that is only natural in writings that are primarily directed to Christians.
    Getting our own theological house in order and cultivating healthy ways of
    viewing these issues will make us better prepared to meet the external
    challenges of Dawkins and his ilk.

    Finally, I would take issue with the characterization of "the atheistic
    biological community" as needing such a critique. These metaphysical
    extrapolations are made by a few, but most of the biological community (even
    the atheists among the community) just do their science without being guilty
    of abusing it as a weapon for atheism. Let's not tar all biologists, even
    all biologists who are atheists, with the Dawkins brush.

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