Re: The Future of Evolution

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 16:11:28 EDT

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    OK, perhaps it will take more than merely "sound moral principles and
    appropriate science/technology" to avoid a "short but violent ride" into the
    future. We could list other human qualities that would be helpful, and we
    could add something regarding the human response to our awareness of divine
    expectations. We could also, of course, say something about the benefits of
    divine guidance and grace, although we had better be prepared to be
    authentically respectful of the way in which that guidance and grace is
    experienced by religions other than Christianity.

    But I submit that relying on the expectation that "the Lord will intervene
    in time, before we descend too far into the abyss" could easily serve as an
    excuse for human sloth and failure to act responsibly.



    If that's the way evolution is to proceed, we can expect a short, but
    violent ride, I'm afraid. Relying on "sound moral principle and appropriate
    science/technology" is, IMHO, wishful thinking. With increased competition
    for diminishing resources, moral principles will be flying out of the
    window, if they have not already done so. I agree that the human race will
    be able to evaluate the effects of its behaviour, but the time delays of
    natural systems is such that there may not be enough time to respond. I'm
    not as pessimistic as Richard Duncan, and don't expect that humankind will
    regress into an Olduvai-type society, but it won't be pretty. Hopefully, the
    Lord will intervene in time, before we descend too far into the abyss.

    Chuck Vandergraaf

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