Re: Don't forget about me! (distal vs. proximate)

Date: Sat Apr 14 2001 - 05:51:15 EDT

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    << A critical study of evolution in
    this sense will conclude that it's a pretty good theory, the best we have at
    present, though certainly not perfect. >>


    Pretty good, but not good enough. You seem to be content to stop there. We
    shouldn't be. Someone on another list serve said that the theory of
    evolution is _overextended_. That is a fair assessment, IMHO. I do not think
    Darwinian evolution can accomplish all that is claimed for it. For a final
    biological theory I think we will need to include (1) intelligent design, (2)
    development not only at (2a) the individual level, but also at (2b) the
    phyletic level, and (3) Darwinian evolution, and perhaps others, such as

    Not only must the remarkable _diversity_ of the biota be considered, (which
    is the favorite property of the biota for evolutionists) but also its
    _discontinuties_, and its _hierarchical organization_. To expect natural
    selection to account for all this is just too much. We need thinkers who can
    think outside the evolutionary paradigm.

    In short, I believe we should be looking for other processes at work in the
    organic world besides evolutionary ones. Then evolution will then be seen as
    one of several or more coordinated processes, rather than the only one, that
    have shaped the organic world to what it is.



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