Re: Jonathan Well's Icons of Evolution

From: Keith B Miller (
Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 23:05:40 EDT

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    >Evolutionists are capable of using bad science and textbooks are infamous
    >for not keeping up. If I were to write a book to support evolutionary
    >theory, I would avoid all of the ICON in Jonathans book and refer to the
    >fossil record etc.

    My point is that many of Wells' Icons SHOULD be part of biology education.
    Peppered moths and Darwin's finches are excellent examples of evolutionary
    processes and the means by which we study them. Likewise the fossil record
    is not an embarassment for evolution but a terrific evidential basis for
    demonstrating common descent.

    There are many textbook errors and the scientific community and publishers
    need to do a better job of reviewing and correcting these errors. However,
    only the case of Haeckle's embryos is an example of scientific fraud, and
    should be included in textbooks only for historical value (illustrating
    "recapitulation" and its subsequent demise and rejection). The others
    remain important illustrations of that need updating and additional


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