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Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 20:11:31 EDT

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    You raise some good questions. I've always (well, for as long as I can
    recall) been under the impression that, eventually, Jesus will physically
    return to earth and will usher in a new heaven and new earth with believers
    as its inhabitants ("I believe in the resurrection of the body"). At that
    point, I would think that perfection will been been accomplished. One could
    also ask, if we are to have eternal life, will there then still be the
    concept of time? If not, IMHO, evolution then be inconsistent, as it
    requires a dimension of time.
    Chuck Vandergraaf
    Pinawa, MB

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    Subject: The Future of Evolution

    Hello all,

    Just thinking aloud here. There has been discussion on how evolution fits
    into a pre-fall world in this listserv already, but I been wondering about
    what the future of evolutionary processes and mechanisms would be in God's
    plan. Once Christ returns and the Kingdom reaches fulfillment, would living
    things continue to evolve? That would certainly require death, extinction,
    competition, random mutations, predation etc. all of which seems quite
    contrary to the depiction of the New Jerusalem. Would God no longer have use
    of these mechanisms that many in this group believe were in effect even
    prior to the fall? If so, then what was God's purpose in introducing these
    mechanisms in the first place? Or was evolution the result of the fall,
    which some others hold, and therefore would be extinguished at the
    consummation of the Kingdom?


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