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Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 16:29:03 EDT

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    I totally agree with you. In all we say or write we must have total integrity. Of course we shall err but integrity means we shall strive to be totally honest and fair.

    We also need to back down if we have erred somewhere .

    I am afraid I get angry when someone distorts matters, misquotes etc.

    The Ninth commandement matters

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         Yes, Bert, they are not systematic errors, but they are nevertheless errors that are all too common. In the other report (which I can't recall the source), some of the errors were quite substantial ones. I see similar errors in psychology textbooks as well, such as embellishment of the "Little Albert" study and propagating the myth that Eskimos have many (sometimes a few hundred) more words for snow than English. Such frequent errors in textbooks should be a concern for all, regardless of whether they were intended or not, systemic or not.
                Fine, & if Wells' book were simply a criticism of science textbooks & a call for better science education there would be few intelligent people - especially scientists - who would disagree with him.
        But he is using the deficiencies in science education simply as a tool to try to discredit evolution. Of course that won't work with people who know how science really works but it will be effective with his target audience, people who are already suspicious of science & will be quite happy to seize upon further reasons to think that scientists don't really know what they're talking about. The whole procedure is, not to put too fine an edge on it, dishonest.

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