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Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 14:26:30 EDT

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    If you wish an example of a critique of evolutionary theory (though I don't
    consider myself as a TE nor an ID and certainly not a YEC) you might check my
    article in Synthese 91:111-133, 1992, Living Things as Hierarchically Organized
    Structures, in which I critique Niles Eldredge's theory of evolutionary
    hierarchies. I think his theory is an example of constructing a hierarchy to
    conform to the demands of evolutionary theory, but the hierarchical construct
    has little to do with the ontic structure of reality in my view.

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    << In summary, critiquing the science is not the unique task of theists. It is
    the joint task of the entire evolutionary biology scientific community and
    I maintain that they are actively engaged (as a community) in such a
    critique. >>


    Of course. But my question was, what have TEs contributed to this critique?
    All the examples you gave, as I understand them, were from non-theistic
    members of the evolutionary biology community. Or to put it another way, in
    my observation TEs have been more involved in _defending_ evolutionary theory
    than in critiquing it.

    But let me expand my question. In your original post, you stated: "As I've
    said many times before, the critique that we ought to be making of the
    atheistic scientific
    community is at the philosophical/theological level and not at the practical
    science level." Have TEs been making these critiques? Again, my observation
    is that TEs have been more involved in critiquing, and often attacking,
    YECs than the philospical/theology of "atheistic scientific community."

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