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Date: Fri Apr 13 2001 - 11:00:28 EDT

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    Hi, Dick.

    Have you or has anyone else mentioned the separation of the water,
    below and above the firmament? I have yet to see a literalistic
    interpretation of this that does anything other than beg the question.
    That particular image is so completely metaphorical, as part of the
    metaphorical imagery of Genesis 1. Needless to say, the "vapor canopy"
    has never been cutting edge science.

    Regarding Jesus use of Genesis 1 and 2, you don't think it could even
    be possible that Jesus was merely using the language of Genesis in
    addressing the question about divorce, and that he had no intention of
    getting into the linguisitic technicalities of Hebrew usage do you?
    No, of course not. Jesus would never have used language in anything
    other than by completely literalistic, technically accurate
    terminology. We all know that he was speaking to technologically-
    oriented people with engineering and scientific sensibilities.

    Uh... wait a minute.

    Todd S. Greene

    "The Metaphorical Language of Creation"

    ###### Dick Fischer, 4/13/01 12:07 AM ######
    Bill Payne wrote:

         So you're saying there were 5 of the days of creation which
         spanned 15,000,000,000 years, and then there was "the
         beginning" on day 6, only 7,000 years ago?

    Whether your "days" are 24 hours long, or billions of years in duration,
    Adam didn't come at "the beginning." So the "beginning" for Adam must
    have some other frame of reference. I suggest that if the subject is
    "divorce," you can't have divorce prior to marriage, and Adam had the
    first recorded marriage relationship.

         Jesus didn't specify the beginning of man and woman, just
         the beginnning. Your interpretation goes beyond the
         simplest, straightforward reading to restrict the meaning to
         fit with your paradigm.

    I do use a method of apology that fits with everything I know
    historically, everything I know scientifically, and everything I know
    biblically. So, of course I fit everything within it, why wouldn't I?


    Dick Fischer - The Origins Solution -
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