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Date: Thu Apr 12 2001 - 23:52:55 EDT

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    > The "beginning" was the institution of marriage between the first
    > couple in Jewish history, Adam and Eve. Christ was responding to
    > Pharisees after all. And the beginning would have been about 7,000
    years ago.

    So you're saying there were 5 of the days of creation which spanned
    15,000,000,000 years, and then there was "the beginning" on day 6, only
    7,000 years ago? Jesus didn't specify the beginning of man and woman,
    just the beginnning. Your interpretation goes beyond the simplest,
    straightforward reading to restrict the meaning to fit with your
    > If we look back at Genesis, the sun, moon and stars were commissioned
    > timekeepers on the fourth day of creation, which leaves open the time
    > period for the first three days.

    I think God could keep time without the cosmos being up to speed.

    > And God's seventh day of rest continues.

    Good point.

    > The parallel is drawn from an analogy that as God worked for six of His

    > days, resting on the seventh, so should the children of Israel work on
    > days and rest on the sabbath. As we all know, what the Bible says in
    > passage, perhaps leaving us in a quandry, it usually will clarify in
    > another passage. Which is my point. The Scriptures are replete with
    > clarifications that YEC's ignore.

    And since we know that the days of our week are 24 hours each, then, by
    analogy, we know the first six days of creation were also 24 hours each.
    So we agree?


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