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Date: Wed Apr 11 2001 - 12:10:40 EDT

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    Sorry for the misunderstanding George. The point that was made that night
    was simply about errors also found in physics textbooks, and not that there
    were in any way connected to evolution.

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    Adrian Teo wrote:

     Check this out:
    <> There was also an article in
    our local papers several months ago about a team of physicists who went
    through several textbooks and found some really ridiculous errors, and some
    pretty substantial ones as well. Anybody remember that?

            Thanks for the reference. I am of course quite aware that there are
    errors in physics texts. I haven't checked out all of them in this listing
    but many are of the "factor of c missing", "vector should have been printed
    in boldface" &c type. I had assumed from the reference to such errors in
    your original posts that you were referring to errors that had some
    substantial connection with evolution. This does not seem to be the case &
    the cited errors therefore have nothing to do with "icons of evolution".

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