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Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 16:57:16 EDT

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    Jonathan Well's Icons of Evolution
       . For example, the widely used peppered moths example to illustrate natural selection is based on doctored photos and the mistaken understanding that those moths actually rested on the tree trunks.

      This simply is not true. Kettlewell's work on peppered moths was by recording regional variation of dark and light forms. Since 1950 the proportion of the light has increased coincideing with reduction in industrial pollution. Any person of moderate intelligence would realise that the photos were illustrative of the relative visibility of dark and light forms on greay and soot-darkened tree trunks . And that for a photographer to have waited for a dark and light form to land on his chosen would have required more time than a YEC would allow. Thy are simply posed and not doctored photos. I think Wells should apologise to the family of Kettlewell

      Michael Roberts

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