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Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 15:54:44 EDT

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    >If any of you know Scripture verses (preferably KJV) that weigh against
    >the YEC method of apology, would you please email them to me?

          Not sure if this is what you want are probably already
    familiar with this, but I recommend a book by Henri Blocher called _In the
    Beginning_. It gives a good discussion of scriptural evidence (or lack
    thereof) for 1) Gap Theory, 2) Literal Reading, 3) Literary Reading (e.g.
    Framework), and 4) Day-Age Theory. He argues that #2 & #3 have the
    strongest scriptural support (#2 is the position taken by YEC, #3 can be
    reconciled with any of the views). Regardless of where you stand the
    discussion the premise he lays out for approaching such questions is well
    worth reading IMHO.

    >My intention is to make the case as strong as possible to show that there
    >is no scriptural support for YEC - just the opposite in fact. If the
    >articles are published, I can email them to conservative Christian
    >organizations that have been thus far pro-YEC. I think If science alone
    >would dissuade these folks, it would have done so by now. They may not
    >know geology or biology, but most Christians read the Good Book from time
    >to time. It might be possible to chip away at the support ICR and other
    >YEC instigators have enjoyed by default from those who may be
    >well-intentioned, but are poorly informed.

          I look forward to reading your article. My suggestion would be to
    take a balanced approach and demonstrate that the YEC is not the only or
    even the best understanding of scripture. Combating the perception that
    not to believe in YEC is to somehow compromise on a high view of scripture
    may help change the understanding of those who are dogmatic about
    YEC. However I would think you will be hard-pressed to make the statement
    that there is "no scriptural support for YEC".

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