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    I didn't think YEC views are very common among UCCF- I used to live in
    Leicester (where UCCF are based) and have known quite a few people who
    work for UCCF. None of them have been YEC, or if they were, they haven't
    mentioned it.

    Neither when I was doing my undergrad degree (Oxford) or my Master's
    (Sussex) did there seem to be many holding YEC views within the CUs- it
    seemed quite rare. Up in St Andrews it has been quite different. I did
    join the CU at one point, and a bit later one of the members of the then
    Committe did point out to me that when one joins one signs a declaration
    to say that one accepts the Bible as the Word of God and supreme in all
    matters of faith, and thus one would accept a young universe created over
    a 6-day period.

    The UCCF Doctrinal Basis is silent on the issue. One YEC criticism of UCCF
    I have heard is that its Doctrinal Basis doesn't say that the world is



    On Tue, 10 Apr 2001, M.B.Roberts wrote:

    > Koalas? Gillies is only stressing the logic of YEC, either koalas lived in
    > Mesopotamia and ate local eucaplyptus or two little koalas swung from tree
    > to tree from sydney to Baghdad. Iprefer Kangarooos hopping acrtoss from
    > Darwin to Bali.
    > The fact is that in Britain is that YEC is signiifcant but not to the same
    > extent as in the USA. Bowden is one of the leading writers whose views are
    > HMMorris clones. However YEC has made very strong inroads into the IVF /UCCF
    > or IVCF in the USA. Most indendent Evangelical churches are YEC and from my
    > observation about 5% of Anglican clergy are.
    > Regards
    > Michael

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