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    Koalas? Gillies is only stressing the logic of YEC, either koalas lived in
    Mesopotamia and ate local eucaplyptus or two little koalas swung from tree
    to tree from sydney to Baghdad. Iprefer Kangarooos hopping acrtoss from
    Darwin to Bali.

    The fact is that in Britain is that YEC is signiifcant but not to the same
    extent as in the USA. Bowden is one of the leading writers whose views are
    HMMorris clones. However YEC has made very strong inroads into the IVF /UCCF
    or IVCF in the USA. Most indendent Evangelical churches are YEC and from my
    observation about 5% of Anglican clergy are.


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    > There was a letter in today's "Daily Telegraph" by David Gillies,
    > responding to yesterday's by Malcolm Bowden.
    > Graham
    > PS One question Mr Gillies ask does baffle me- where did Noah get the
    > eucalyptus leaves from? Unless, before the flood they (and koalas) were
    > found in the Middle East.
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