From: Ted Davis (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 10:17:55 EDT

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    Our website with links to member pages can become a very valuable source,
    but only *if* we take care to ensure an appropriate level of quality for
    things placed upon it. We currently do this with our main asa site, where
    we link good articles on various subjects and do not link material that does
    not meet a high standard of rigor. I am concerned that we take steps to
    ensure that everything we place on our homepage meets similar standards.
    Perhaps we can have a "free-for-all" submission process, but IMO some
    editorial judgement will need to be used to determine what we actually allow
    the general public to see. One or two "crank" sites could ruin our
    credibility for a long time.

    Further, by maintaining a high quality set of links, we would not only
    serve the public and our members, but also those whose links are actually
    posted. In return, I suggest that only dues-paying ASA members be allowed
    to put links on our site. This will (perhaps) give a nudge to those in
    sympathy with our views, to ante up and help us out in return for the free

    Ted Davis

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