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Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 08:28:51 EDT

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    Burgy wrote of G. Bouw and "Christian" Geocentricity.

    Several years ago a Dr. Philip Stott from South Africa spoke in my neck of the woods (Eastern PA). He spoke at a conservative Christian lecture group in Maryland, and at a local Christian high school (very well respected). His topic at the school was anti-evolution rather than astronomy (I heard a little was thrown in for good measure). His topic at the church group was directly astronomy - geocentrism. I don't doubt his faith in our Lord, nor his dedication to the Bible's authority. I was most disappointed by the unquestioning response of the audience.

    I posted some notes to the list and there was some good discussion. (I didn't save any myself).

    Stott's position sounds similar - the same points about the Bible's references to the immovable earth and sun's going down or stopping. In addition, Stott was also going for a young universe with all the typical arguments. (I should have purchased his book for reference - but $25 was too steep)

    Forgive me for being blunt but such extreme people are an embarrassment just as Dawkins or Sagan or Crick may be to others

    Al McCarrick

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