Re: Don't forget about me! (distal vs. proximate)

From: Preston Garrison (
Date: Tue Apr 10 2001 - 03:16:19 EDT

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    Terry Gray wrote:

    >Johnson has called my position "vacuous" and despises it because it makes
    >no "threat" to the non-theist scientific community. As I've said many times
    >before, the critique that we ought to be making of the atheistic scientific
    >community is at the philosophical/theological level and not at the
    >practical science level. On the fundamental philosophical/theological
    >issues I agree whole-heartedly with Phil Johnson and eagerly desire to join
    >ranks with him, but he does not welcome me, but rather actively opposes me
    >(calls my views "vacuous", claims that I'm duped by the secular scientific
    >establishment, accuses me of fearfully trembling before the secularly
    >controlled granting agencies and scientific journal editors, etc.).

    It is for this reason, that despite saying that I am sympathetic to the "ID
    position" in some ways, I don't want to be identified with the current
    movement. I don't like their rhetorical tactics, and until Johnson apologizes
    and ceases from his persistant slanders against Christians in science who
    disagree with on these matters, I don't want to be counted among them in any

    Incidentally, a lawyer acquaintance offered me a little insight to Johnson's
    approach in argument. Johnson's legal specialty is criminal law. It was
    suggested that he regards a traditional non-evolutionary view as the defendant.
    Applying the standard of proof in criminal law, "beyond all reasonable doubt,"
    he regards evolution as eliminated if he can raise even a trace of doubt
    about its claims.

    Preston G.

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