Re: Functional proteins from a random library

From: Paul Nelson (
Date: Mon Apr 09 2001 - 10:29:29 EDT

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    Howard Van Till wrote:

    > Your provision of a semi-humorous answer is a
    > transparently evasive tactic. Why not have the
    > courage to deal with the actual issue?

    Humor is all that remains of this debate, Howard.
    It's just too tedious to go into issues (e.g., "extra-
    natural assembly") that you and I and Dembski
    and dozens of others have debated for over a
    decade now. As I recall, we first wrangled on
    design in 1988, when I was a graduate student.
    Your position hasn't changed a jot since then.

    All that I have left are semi-humorous replies. Sorry.

    > "Extra-natural Assembly" is no more cumbersome
    > than "Intelligent Design." (However, as you said
    > the last time I asked you this question, "'Intelligent
    > Design' just sounds better.")

    It does sound better. But here's a deal.

    You find me an example of intelligent design that does
    *not* involve the action of an agent, and I'll happily
    use your preferred label. Until then: give it a rest.

    Paul Nelson
    Senior Fellow
    The Discovery Institute

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