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    Episodes in the *evolution* of my thoughts about evolution, FWIW:

    1. Secular university dorm room ca. 1970, explaining that Seth probably
    married a sibling.

    2. Secular university biology class ca. 1971, agreeing with Christian
    prof that "yom," the Hebrew word for "day," could mean "age."

    3. Teaching music at a Christian high school in Ohio 1974-75, whose
    director of development claimed to be an Air Force veteran who had heard
    directly from a top Air Force officer that the "missing day" had been
    discovered when the space program projected back in time comparing
    astronomical positions to known dates in history in connection with the
    (Pioneer?) deep space probe. Watched a movie on the water vapor canopy.

    4. Christian grad school ca. 1976, studying various theories in Old
    Testament Theology class.

    5. Leading a community discussion group on creation/evolution issues ca.
    early 1980s.

    6. Joining the ASA with the hope of finding agreement on "mere creation"
    and further enlightenment. Writing "Lord Random" poem (See ASA website,
    Youth Page) and "Thank God I'm an Atheist" song (See refrain and verse
    1, below.) Learning much, but still hoping for a bit more
    inter-Christian bridge building/united front/"In essentials, unity; in
    non-essentials, liberty; in all things, charity" approach. Yet I
    understand the need for academic credibility.

    Words and music by Dan Eumurian

    Thank God I'm an Atheist,
    That I know that no one knows it all,
    And I hope and pray that I stay this way.
    I'm an atheist, thank God!

    1. Now the Christians complain about what we teach in school.
    They have no leg to stand on for their kickin'.
    We all know that religion was invented by man
    And the egg was invented by the chicken.

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