Re: Functional proteins from a random library

From: Howard J. Van Till (
Date: Fri Apr 06 2001 - 19:54:57 EDT

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    Your provision of a semi-humorous answer is a transparently evasive tactic.
    Why not have the courage to deal with the actual issue? "Extra-natural
    Assembly" is no more cumbersome than "Intelligent Design." (However, as you
    said the last time I asked you this question, "'Intelligent Design' just
    sounds better.")


    From: "Paul Nelson" <>

    Howard Van Till wrote:

    > And why call the enterprise that celebrates empirical
    > evidence for gifts withheld from the Creation by the
    > misleading label INTELLIGENT DESIGN when
    > in actuality it is an enterprise to promote the proposition
    > that certain structures/forms could be actualized only
    > by intervening acts of EXTRA-NATURAL ASSEMBLY
    > to compensate for key formational gifts withheld by
    > is the picture of God's creative work that you want to
    > promote, then why not have the courage to say so
    > candidly? You have every right to promote that point
    > of view. Why not accept a "truth in labeling" approach?

    I tried, but I can't get this new label to fit on the box:

    "An Enterprise To Promote The Proposition
    That Certain Structures/Forms Could Be Actualized
    Only By Intervening Acts Of EXTRA-NATURAL
    ASSEMBLY To Compensate For Key Formational
    Gifts Withheld By The Creator."

    Whew. Wears me out just reading it again. ;-)

    Paul Nelson
    Senior Fellow
    The Discovery Institute <>

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